Dwapara Yuga

This is a blog around the dawning of Dwapara Yuga, the age of energy. This age is characterized by a breakdown of the idea of a material world and a growing consciousness of the underlying unity of peoples, energy, and nature. The most emblematic evidence of the new age is found in our deepening understanding of finer energies and the structure of universe from the year 1900 onwards.

Ancient Apocalypse

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Highly recommend Graham Hancock’s new Netflix show where he goes globe hunting for evidence of mysterious, lost civilizations dating back to the last Ice Age.

It covers similar sights to Ancient Aliens but without the tedious “the aliens did everything” thesis.

I particularly liked Mr Hancock’s even-handed approach and acknowledgement of opposing views. A number of the observations support a Yuga centric view, or at least that older civilizations were much more advanced than is credited in mainstream academia.