Dwapara Yuga

This is a blog around the dawning of Dwapara Yuga, the age of energy. This age is characterized by a breakdown of the idea of a material world and a growing consciousness of the underlying unity of peoples, energy, and nature. The most emblematic evidence of the new age is found in our deepening understanding of finer energies and the structure of universe from the year 1900 onwards.

Science Fiction

Dwapara Yuga
Science Fiction

The genre of science fiction has been called the literature of ideas.

It both tries to predict the future and offer insights around our present times.

It began as an oral and then written tradition, a mix of mythology and fact.

Later expressions were in comics, toys, radio, movies, television, video games, ... and online blogs.

Some highlights IMHO are

Kali Yuga

360 BC (Descending Kali 340) Timaeus and Critias - Plato - The legend of Atlantis

1516 AD (Ascending Kali 1016) Utopia - More

1626 AD (Ascending Kali 1126) New Atlantis - Bacon

Dwapara Yuga to today

1818 (Ascending Dwapara 118) Frankenstein - Shelley

1870 (Ascending Dwapara 170) Twenty Thousands Leagues - Verne

1895 (Ascending Dwapara 195) The Time Machine - Wells

1905 (Ascending Dwapara 205) The Scarlet Pimpernel - Orczy - First Super Hero

1959 (Ascending Dwapara 259) Starship Troopers - Heinlein

1968 (Ascending Dwapara 268) Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep - Dick

1977 (Ascending Dwapara 277) Judge Dredd - Wagner